I installed my heating and potable hot water system which you designed and just wanted to thank you for your services. Everything works great!!!
Attached is a photo of my finished project.
Best regards,   Brody

Hi Fred, Really nice presentation -- well thought-out, comprehensive package. Now I believe radiant heat can be practically and effectively implemented. Thank you. We will get the check off to you this week end, your fee is worth every penny.   Thank you again for your help.   Best, Mark

Fred,  I bought a system from you in 2000 and absolutely love it. I am getting ready to build another house and this time looking at either a 2 story or a story and half home. My question is this how well does the system work in these types of homes and are they more difficult to compared to a ranch style house?  Thanks  Kevin

Thanks Fred. I really appreciate your quick response. I have never lived in a home with radiant heating (although hubby to be has) and am looking forward to it. Its too bad that more people don't realize how efficient and cozy warm floors can be. We did all our own work and it was so easy. Your website has been a great source. Thanks again! Michelle, Oregon

Dear Fred, Some time ago I was in touch with you regarding plans for installing a radiant heating system in my house. I got to the point of sending you the plans when the contractor installing the HVAC/Geothermal system suggested or rather stated that there was no need to waste the money, he could install the system for the same price including all the planning.
  I now realize some 23,000 dollars down the road that this was a mistake. I have been badly burned as I am sure many other people get burned in an area where in America the wild west spirit still seems to reign in the building contracting world. As I am from Europe that is really my only excuse for getting duped.
  The present state of play is that all the radiant pipes are in the floor under an inch of concrete with one of the circuits failing to hold pressure for more than 3 hours so there is a leak to fix. What I need is the technical knowledge to help my plumber, who is young but willing to learn and assisted by his father who is old but willing to assist, install the manifolds, valves, tank header, pump and valve control unit for the system. We have 17 circuits installed I believe, on two floors - the basement and the first floor only - the rest of the house is heated using and ERV system that actually does work. I realize now that I do not need all 17 circuits on individual valves, I believe that 6 zones would be sufficient.
  Attached are two drawings, basement and first floor showing the general circuit layout. In fact there are a lot more but given our need at this stage to be as economical as possible I think we will have to accept less overall control of the heating.     I hope you can help me with finishing off the system.  Regards      Iain