Thank you for the excellent drawings and detailed manual you sent us for our first radiant heat installation in Seattle. Not only was the drawing accurate and the details easy to follow but your explanations enabled us to expand the system from servicing the kitchen-family room to cover the entire first floor. The system is working well now that the owners understand the difference between a traditional thermostat and setting the radiant heat control.
We feel we got a complete set of drawings and an excellent detailed manual in a very timely manner and at a very fair price.   Tim

RE: Radiant Design Institute
Fred, your design was spot on. I had a tough time with the Plumber but your guide book had warned me this would happen. You were generous in your time spend with me to work through the plumber's mistake. In the end, the issue was so simple and the system has been working great. My wife loves the warm floors.
Your instructions were simple and easy to follow. I was able to install the pex, with the help of a buddy, in 2 days. The time invested in building a lazy Suzanne spooler made all the difference. When I had questions you responded by email very quickly. I was 110% satisfied with the design and your customer services. I wish you much success.
Best regards Cletus