Quality by Design

Hi Fred, Got moved in about 9 months ago but finished the Floor Heating System this week. Should have done it sooner but got side tracked with other projects.
  Could not have pulled this off without your excellent Manual and help!
  The system is up and running as it should!! Did all the work myself with labor only used to tie PEX to wire and I am 69 years old!
  It is hard to believe how little the temp changes over many hours with no additional heat input. For example: It was 19 degrees here this morning and the last time the system shut down was about 3:00 AM. It is now 11 hours later and the interior temp is UP, not down, with the help of solar gain. At this rate, it will be 8 or 9 tonight before the system will fire up for a possible off time of 18 hours. This would NEVER happen any other heating system. Truly amazing!!! No draft, warm feet; simply, it just does not get better that this!
Again thanks for all your help! The best $400 spent on the entire project.
Bill DeLoach  Eden, GA     email: k4wp@bulloch.net