Hi Fred:
Many thanks for all your help with design and install guidance last year. I did the entire install myself except for the gas line hook-up. The engineers at my office can hardly believe I did it myself. Very happy to report a successful winter completed with warm comfortable main floor. Everything is working beautifully and I learned a ton.
I'm so happy with it that I now want to replace the old basement slab, adding radiant to new slab and tying into the existing system. I've been reading your manual again (concrete slab section) and it looks manageable. At this point I was thinking it is time to pay for your services again - can you please give me a quote to do basement layout and additional guidance? Hopefully you still have copy of my house plans.
A few thoughts:
- Need to confirm Peerless PI-80 boiler capacity for basement in addition to main floor (and radiators upstairs eventually), and indirect hot water tank
- My radiant manifolds have room for four extra zones in addition to the four main floor zones
- Not sure if Taco 008 pump is sufficient to handle both main floor and basement zones.
- There is an old sump inside the basement…. is it practical to leave it and work around it with the radiant? I'm debating having to move it outside.
Thanks again and hope to speak with you again soon.   Greg

Fred, just to let know that on last Friday, we got 3 of the 5 zones in place before the rains came. Hope to finish the 2 remaining zones on Monday, get inspected on Tuesday and pour on Wednesday.
Having never installed a radiant heat system before, your plans and instruction have made this a relatively simple project. Can't imagine doing this without your help!!
Bill,   Savannah, Ga

Fred,  My name is Matt,  I live in KS. and you designed a floor heat system for me a couple of years ago. Absolutely love it. Performs better than we could have imagined. I have a question. Late July and August can get pretty sultry around here. Is there anyway that we could run cool water from our well through those lines to cool our building down? It is a bovine embryo transfer facility and it would be nice to cool it down just a little bit. If we can't, any ideas on how we could?
Let me know, my cell number is, and thank you again for a great system.