Hi Fred, Thanks for all your help with the design of my heating system and the manifold construction. We're just about through our Alaskan winter and I couldn't be more satisfied with our new heating system. I think our highest gas bill was from our Jan/Feb billing and it was only $190!! We have a 2500 sf home that maintains 71f when it's under 20f outside! Amazing considering last winter we averaged over $350/month. AND we never run out of hot water, never!
Thank you again.
I do have one more request. I need an official receipt, I can't seem to find the one that came with our manifolds for what ever reason. I need it for some reimbursement for the Alaska Home Energy rebate program.

Here is a great idea for recycling the fence that had to come out was used in the basement slab as reinforcing.
see http://ecobrooklyn.com:80/installing-concrete-slab/