Dear Fred,    After 18 long months and over 1 mile of PEX tubing, we are ready to enter our first winter with radiant heat. The system has been fired up and will get it's first real test tonight as temperatures are expected to dip below the freezing mark for the first time this fall--that's Michigan for you!
  I thought you would enjoy seeing some pictures of the finished plumbing work - see attached. Everything came together very nicely and my wife is already complementing me on how even the heat has been this past week as the temperatures outside have started to fall dramatically. It sure is nice waking up to warm tile and hardwood floors in the morning! I am actually looking forward to the winter
when I can pull my car in the garage and have all the snow melt right off while I sleep.
  Take care for now. I will surely be in touch when we get close to building our 2nd phase of our master plan for our 3.5 acre site on the lake!   Tomas

Dear Fred,   I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my heating project. I just have a few seams left to tape and a little bit of vapor barrier to put down. Then, I am going to come out from under the house! This has been a long project. But, the great news is that it is 18 degrees at our house outside and a toasty comfortable radiant heat 70 inside.
It works!       Craig