My wife and I run a kennel business in Ontario, Canada. We recently constructed a dog kennel on our farm. We purchased a steel building (20 x110) from Crown in Pittsburgh and had a friend install it. I had a friend of my plumber's install our infloor heating. He laid the newer style insulation white foam topside and black vapor barrier on the underside. He ran pex tubing, Trinity 150 Combi-condensing boiler , Rehau manifolds, main Taco pump and two Taco zone pumps. We poured the engineered slab in November the infloor guy said he would be there for the pour but never showed up and said he didn't have to be there and would come if any pex pipe broke under air pressure. The concrete finisher did the pour and asked if we wanted the mesh and pex lines lifted. He said some contractors lift them and some don't so I instructed him to not lift the mesh as I had to anchor lags in the floor and the finisher agreed. Anyway the building was erected and closed in Feb. I had Dave ( the infloor guy) come and get the system up and running so we could finish inside. On the day he finally came it was like - 30 C and he proceed to fill the system with water. I asked him why would you fill it with water in these cold temps and not use antifreeze. He told not to worry and he knew what he was doing and antifreeze is bad for the environment and the pumps would circulate the water fast enough not to freeze them. Well he let the water in and it did not return. The water froze! To get the system thawed he poured hot water from the boiler and got one of the to zones freed. The other zone the pex pipes cracked and were leaking so he said in the spring he would be back to fix the problem. He insisted that the pex pipes and mesh should of been lifted and that the concrete finisher should of known better to lift the mesh as the concrete has no strength now and the heating will not work properly. He also said he will have to repour . I insisted not to re-pour over my nice finished floor and fix what was broken. He said he would and found all the leaks. I have read some of your options on your website and have more trust in you as Dave told me not to listen to anybody because they don't know about this.
    The problem now is that I am going thru a lot of propane and the installer said it is because the pipes were not pulled up. The water going out of the manifolds is hot but coming back cold. The installer told me I should spend no more then 300.00 a month in propane but I am spending around 1000.00 a month. Any ideas or suggestions to solve this dilemma?

    Leaving the tubing in the bottom is good, the insulation that was used is worthless as an insulation. To find out if there is a leak, turn the supply water off overnight to see if the system pressure drops.

I was just on your website researching Cable Fault Locating for Electric Radiant Heating Systems. Your statement that the ceiling heat is impossible to repair is not accurate. We have been successful in troubleshooting several systems in the Colorado Market. That includes ceiling, in-floor and in-concrete for outdoor snow-melting applications. Please feel free to refer anyone needing our services. We are quite reasonable and accurate.
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