GREENHOUSE HEATING WITH RADIANT ROOT ZONE HEATING   Many green house owners, both commercial and private have discovered that root zone heating is both a very efficient way to heat plants and that it develops a much healthier plant.
   In designing a root zone heating system you need at least 30 Btu. inside and at least 50 Btu. per square foot outside. 12 inch centers work in most cases.
  You can place the tubing in the soil, in concrete or staple it under the benches, remember that the pex tubing must be protected from direct sun light.  You can also build steel pipe racks with the hot water running through the pipes.
  Many green house operators vent the exhaust from gas heaters inside the green house to stimulate plant growth.
  A common mistake for first timers installing a small system is under sizing the heater, standard water heaters and instantaneous heaters are a very poor choice, and seldom are satisfactory.   

USING WASTE OIL FOR HEATING Waste oil is a very dirty thing, I have worked on many waste oil heaters and burners over the years. Waste oil burning is not feasible unless you have a very good supply of your own and a very large area to heat, it is illegal to transport waste oil, it must be burned on the site it is produced. Waste oil equipment has a very high maintenance history.
  You must a have quality burner and a very high heat requirement to make burning waste oil feasible. It is seldom feasible to heat a home with waste oil.

  Taco 008-DM-PK model is a complete kit and includes all the parts needed for a clean and easy installation. No soldering or installation of new water lines is needed. This system is compact and quiet, plugs directly into the electrical outlet and is well suited for installation in the cabinet under the kitchen sink or in the vanity under the bathroom sink.

  Taco D'MAND system can be activated manually, with a push of a button, or wirelessly, with an optional transmitter/receiver. A built-in sensor allows the system to monitor the water temperature and shut down the pump when the desired temperature is reached.

  By using the Taco D'MAND system, an typical house can save on bills an average of $200.00 - for gas water heaters and $575.00 - for electric water heaters, which allows the system to pay for itself within 1-2 years and continue to deliver comfort and energy savings.

  Taco 008-DM-PK Sizing:
  This model is the most popular in Taco's D'MAND line of products for residential applications and is well suited for small to medium size residences.
  Maximum allowed length of pipe (hot plus cold lines) for storage type water heaters is 100 ft, for tankless water heaters - 60 ft.
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Taco 008-DM-PK Specifications:

  • Voltage: 115V;
  • Amperage: 0.84 AMPs;
  • Freq.: 60 Hz;
  • Phase: 1;
  • Max. pressure: 125 psi;
  • Max. temperature: 230F;
  • Max. flow: 3.6 GPM;
Max. head: 15 ft;