I am appealing to you one more time, although I cannot use your expertise in developing a new system. I cannot find ANYONE willing to give me any kind of "guess-timate" of what a replacement cost for the heating coils that exist in her ceiling. This is a near impossibility. 
Her house is a 3 bedroom / 2 1/2 bath 2 story, about 2000 sq ft, broken into 6 regions. Not looking for anything other than $$$. We can get estimates on the costs of repairing ceilings, floors, etc

My girlfriend recently had a situation occur December 8 where she smelled smoke in her home and called the fire department only to find that the smoke was caused by radiant heat in her ceiling. Her house was built in 1974. I was wondering if this assessment made sense to you in this situation:
"...concluded that the heating circuit generated smoke due to the long-term degradation by heat energy. The electrical insulation material utilized in the heat tape, which is located within the ceilings of the home and generates the heat, is deteriorating due to wear and tear".
Does that really happen that way? How does heat tape deteriorate with no oxygen to feed it? There were no cracks in the ceiling before this occurred.
Please assist in any way. Thank you in advance......

Hi.  I just read about gypcrete floor cement and I am confused. I hired a contractor to put down a new bamboo in my bedroom and by some miss communication he pulled up my living room bamboo floor which is just a year old and also the gypcrete came up with the wood. What would you recommend to put down as a sub floor? I know gypcrete was put down as a sub floor in my new condo. The reason I wanted the bedroom floor redone was I had a flood there.
Thank you,
I would appreciate it if you could get back to me I do not want to go through this again with my floor.
Lisa Stewart,  eastewart@f-a-f.org

I was just on your website researching Cable Fault Locating for Electric Radiant Heating Systems. Your statement that the ceiling heat is impossible to repair is not accurate. We have been successful in troubleshooting several systems in the Colorado Market. That includes ceiling, in-floor and in-concrete for outdoor snow-melting applications. Please feel free to refer anyone needing our services. We are quite reasonable and accurate.
Respectfully,  Donna Sus
President,  Electrical Agencies Co.
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