The new Cellular or Honeycomb shades are much more efficient than the standard roman type of window treatments. Some have insulation values as high as R-7.     Many of these have energy tax credits with them also.

Honeycomb blinds were invented in 1970 and are a great alternative to wooden blinds or venetians. Many newer varieties are available including the latest Balinese honeycomb blinds. These blinds are a very popular choice of window covering for the style conscious. Their name is coined from their honeycomb like structure. These blinds look somewhat like a beehive as they are made up of cells that trap air.
Honeycomb blinds are very durable and easy to install adding to their overall appeal. These blinds are aesthetically pleasing and come in a wide range of fabrics, textures and types. They are functional as well and offer great insulation from the heat and cold of outside.

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  Before you purchase your honeycomb blinds, you should decide on whether the blinds are going to be installed inside the window frame or on the outside of the window frame. Once you have decided on this factor, measure up the area that the blind is intended to cover. Honeycomb blinds can be easily installed at home following the do-it-yourself instructions included in the box. You don't need any specialist equipment to install one of these blinds, just a tape measure, a screw driver and a drill. Follow the instructions and the rest is easy.
  Caring for your honeycomb blinds is just as trouble free. Keep them dust free by using a feather duster on them once each week. Every month, vacuum the blinds to remove any built up dust. Upholstery cleaners can be used to spot clean any stains or marks that are on the blinds. Alternately you could use a mild laundry detergent in warm water to clean the blinds.
  Honeycomb blinds are great for children's rooms as they are soft, durable and easy to keep clean. Many other types of blinds come with cords that dangle down within the child's reach; however some types of honeycomb blinds are actually cordless. This makes them perfect for small children as the cord presents a risk to the child if not secured away out of reach. Children can't do much damage to honeycomb blinds, especially the cordless types that are made from soft fabrics.
  Honeycomb blinds are great for renovators. You can easily and relatively cheaply install a whole new look and feel into your home with a set of honeycomb blinds. The wide variety of colors, textures and fabrics available make honeycomb blinds a renovators delight.
  Honeycomb blinds can be used in many different settings because of the wide variety available. Some types may be well suited to an office because they offer great energy savings offered. Some types of honeycomb blinds are very light and airy, only filtering out the light which would be suitable for a home study. The block out type of honeycomb blinds have an extra coating and are great for bedrooms and home theatres.
  Honeycomb blinds offer great insulation from the elements. The cells inside the honeycomb like structure offer warmth in winter and cool in summer, helping to regulate the environment inside. This can be great for saving on your heating and cooling bills.
  No matter what your intention is, you can be assured to find a honeycomb blind to suit your needs. Whether it is a top down, cordless or motorized blind that you are after, honeycomb blinds really do have it all.